Peter Shalvoy, aka ShalvoyMusic, has been a formidable presence in the DJ world for 20+ years. Starting in the underground scene in NYC(where he worked for many years), Peter has steadily vets and fellow DJs.By knowing what to play when, ShalvoyMusic blurs the lines of genre and era making a classic tune sound relevant and a new release feel like a classic.

His music background and programming expertise have made him sought after by nightclubs, lounges, restaurants and celebs. He's served as resident DJ in every major venue in New York City - from Nell's to Marquee - and has toured with major acts through nearly every state and abroad.Currently, his talents are on display at Blue Ribbon in The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

His recent forays into production both as a solo artist ans part of the ghetto tech duo Donald Thump, have yeilded dynamic new releases that have been garnering attention. In October he will headline his first festival at the new Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas.